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Avoid the Ten mistakes that can cost you Hundreds even Thousands of Dollars a year on your health and life insurance.
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Tired of wondering if you are paying too much for your health and life insurance?

Do you want to lower your life and health insurance cost?  Get a FREE report that shows you the Ten mistakes that people make when purchasing health and life insurance that can cost your family thousands.

If you came to  to get a quote, it wont happen.  We believe that it is not in your best interest to put up low-ball generic quotes that only serve the needs of the health and life insurance company and not your needs.  We would love to quote you but we have to talk to you in order to get you the best quote.

At Aurora Life and Health Insurance we provide you with strategies that are designed to lower your life and health insurance costs and improving your overall life and health coverage by implementing tried and true long-term health and life insurance planning.  In order to do this we must take a few minutes to find out your situation.  


Aurora life and health insurance looks at the overall picture of your health and life insurance and creates a plan that suits your needs.  Aurora life and health insurance provides you with quotes from 18 major health insurance companies.  Companies that are “A” rated, health insurance companies you can count on.  We have limited benefit plans to keep your cost down, we have catastrophic plans to protect your over all financial well being, we have disability plans to pay your bills when you are sick, we have major medical health insurance plans and we have Guaranteed issue health plans.  Aurora Health and Life insurance handles individual and business group health plans.  Contact us for more information about health insurance plan that will suit your needs not the insurance companies needs.  Aurora life and health insurance is a one-stop shop.  No wondering if the plan that you are looking at online has wholes in the coverage due to lack of detail, we spell that out for you.  Get the FREE report that discusses how shopping through a .com company can ruin you financially.  


Aurora Life and Health Insurance can quote over 110 life insurance companies.  Do we sell all 110 life insurance companies, NO, It does not make sense.  Not all 110 companies will meet your needs.  At Aurora life and health insurance we talk to you to find out your needs.  We discuss your health and lifestyle so that we can quote the proper life insurance companies.  We talk to the underwriters about your individual situation to insure that we are not wasting your time.  Once this is done we at Aurora life and health insurance will do our best at giving you the quote that fits your health conditions.  We won’t low-ball you and then try to bump you in monthly premium.  That’s not how we work here at Aurora life and health insurance we do things right the first time to insure your have a pleasant buying experience.  We keep you from the traps that other agency’s put you into.  (Get the FREE report that explains these traps)

Aurora health and life insurance is here to help you navigate the complexities of the health and life insurance industry.  Please contact us at with any questions or for a quote.  

To get the FREEE REPORT sign in on our guest book and type Free report into the subject line and we will get the FREE report right out to you.

Aurora Life and Health Insurance
1250 S. Buckley Rd.
Aurora CO 80017

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